Gruppo SASI has proven to its customers that it’s a reliable and secure partner. After years of intense professional attendance, he knows the peculiarities of the product sectors in which he operates - Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Medical Devices - their organizational complexity and their business model.

There is now a renewed interest in these areas for new projects with which to meet the needs remained unsatisfied by previous ERP investments, and we also come back to appreciate that approach that knows how to propose the new when it is real opportunities and those easy solutions but effective and with a low-cost management.

The Quality Process and the Communication Process have a vital role in these organizations, in fact they have to deal with the daily Regulatory Authorities and with a Competition that obliges them to enhance their products, consumer services and the social environment in which they operate.

In advance, this market spirit, has long oriented its efforts to create application solutions aimed at business processes whose result is directly or indirectly linked to a formally defined concept of document management; putting to common factor organizational planning and experiences that in the years have determined the success of own software and the services of outsourcing.

HosPurMan and document management solutions: eCTD-PHARMA, eCTD-DMF, MaDe, PSMF Manager e TechFile Manager have a common matrix resulting from a single design vision that makes them aimed at the purpose and therefore capable of providing a technical application performance of absolute value.