About Us

Since 2008 Gruppo SASI s.r.l. successfully offers to industrial companies:

  • Application software for specialist Document Management solutions.
  • Outsourcing of application systems and/or production departments/production processes.
  • Multimedia database creation and management services.

With a balanced approach and with valuable professionals knows how to move successfully in the management of customers, to which it assures modern solutions and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Gruppo Sasi communicates to its customers with a classic approach, which acts in tune with management throughout the project’s implementation process. It also aims to enrich their solutions with the wealth of skills acquired in continuos comparasion with the market, this with a methodical effort of support to make them equally simple and easy to use.

It has designed its own technological framework “e-cube” for the management of information content, which is the basis of its product line, aimed at operating process that require careful management of their life cycle and as such must be certified.


General analysis of the organization.
Definition of the objectivies of the project.
Identification of the expected benefits.

“deepen the knowledge and understanding of the organizational context, the specificity of business and market, the constraints and resources made available for the implementation of the business strategy.”


Model of new business.
Qualification of the necessary resources.
Technical-application project.

“the new operating processes more suited to the business programs are identified, the technologies and resources necessary to support the new organization are indicated, and a plan of implementation is defined.”


Project implementation.
User-team training.
Improvement process.

“the solution is realized and activated a process of improvement with the gradual transfer of pilot team skills to the end user, with the aim of making it autonomous in the product’s management.”

The innovation, in the model identified before, is mainly the result of a good translation of the business vision of the contractor and management. It emerges from the ability to represent it in everyday reality as a synthesis between knowledge of management process, applicability of modern technologies, and motivation of people.