Gruppo SASI has been able to refine is ability to serve the market over time, has learned to optimize is resources and to ensure customers solutions and services more calibrated for their technical and economic needs. Its propose for the market are:

and with scientific partnerships that are an important part of the quality of its offer and that allow to maintain high levels of specialization on the contents treated.

The commercial structure

Originally it was constituted by the management of the company then with the choice of entering the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry the conditions were created to grow a specialized structure of professionals and partnerships with consulting companies present in the national territory with which share the business plans. This model is increasingly refined to better know the dynamics of the market and to ensure the level of satisfaction of the service provided.

Technical structure of production

It works with its own resources - human and technical - inserted within the organizational mechanisms of the customer whose objectives it shares. Among the many possible services, it also provides technical-application assistance to the individual workplace based on the specific contents of the operational processes and with the service levels appropriate to each case of outsourcing: whether it can be configured as a project or as a phase production to be carried out by interacting online with the customer's corporate structures

Project team

The interdisciplinary skills, also of high level, are the main characteristics that distinguish the project team of the company: from the market skills (role assigned to Project Managers) to those specialized techniques (role assigned to Senior Consultants) to the various project skills which, where necessary, are supplemented by resources belonging to a valued Partner.

Post-selling team

An intentional continuity is assured between the planning and the post-sale services to the aim to assure the maximum effectiveness of the participations on the customers, is they referred to a product software released that to the correct execution of an outsourcing service. This is done with the Software Maintenance Contracts and the Service Level Agreements that the company offers to complete its commercial role.