HOSPURMAN (abstract)

HosPurMan is a modern software to govern all the activities required by the National and/or Regional Health Authorities to pharmaceutical companies for the supply of products subject to conditions of Hospital Tender. It manages the correct workflow of the process ensuring quality and completeness in the contents and form of the offer to be formulated, and provides management with control tools. Using a web architecture the operating process is supported at first with the organization of information useful for commercial analysis then with a timely and automatic distribution of the same to all those in the organization are responsibly involved.

It also allows the commercial network to feed the database with the information acquired during the award process and relating to the outcome of the tender, including that of the tenders, and allows you to organize the main evaluation elements for those products not present in the company price list.

It allows, in an easy and controlled way, to transfer to the existing tenders the variations of price imposed or allowed by the National Health Authority, in compliance with the conditions of specifications and current legislation, and to provide analytical management reports to customer’s administrative department.

Extensive reporting is provided with the analysis of budgets, of operational programs and assigned objectives, and an equally extensive reporting on the progress of the hospital business to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational management compared with the action of the competition.

Connected with the logistics system, it offers accurate monitoring supplies to guide business and promotion medical-scientific in order to guarantee the levels of sell-in (entry of the drug in the hospital) and the levels of sell-out (ward consumption) in line with the provisions of the tender.

HosPurMan is offered also as the main tool of the Outsourcing of an Office Tenders for the execution of all the operating activities associated to the formulation of the offers and the management of the commercial data, without prejudice to the decision-making role in the merits of the company-client management.